Audio Kit

CODE: audiokit

Audio Kit   --> Latest Release is 2.0 - April, 2016   Audio Kit is a collection of... More
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CODE: videospeak

VideoSpeak -- a new OS X App for adding synthesized speech audio tracks to existing videos and movies. Its simple operation allows a voice-over without the use of a microphone or other audio equipment. You can use as many voices as you wish within a video - even have different voices talking to each other. Novelty voices can be used to add interest to funny videos. VideoSpeak is ideal for people producing instructional videos, for Youtube for example.

See below for a demonstration video

Latest release is 1.03 - August 15, 2017 VideoSpeak Quickly add speech tracks to your videos without a microphone VideoSpeak... More


CODE: sonocord

Sonocord                    Latest Release is 1.4, January 2016... More
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CODE: aklite

AKLite   AKLite is a real time spectrum analyzer. It is a lite version of the Spectrum part of Audio Kit iPhone App, also by... More
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CODE: snappix

      Latest Release is 1.1 - March 31, 2011. With Snappix you can take multiple pictures in the same frame,... More
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