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Rotary Encoder - Absolute analog - 8mm shaft


$93.00 ($102.30 inc GST)
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Rotary Position Encoder, absolute analog output  -  RPE1 Typical Applications: Digital potentiometers... More
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Audio Kit

CODE: audiokit

Audio Kit   Latest Release is 2.0 - April, 2016   Audio Kit is a collection of four... More
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Rotary Encoder - Absolute PWM and incremental quadrature - 8mm shaft


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Rotary Position Encoder, absolute PWM and incremental quadrature output  -  RPE2 Typical Applications: Rotary... More
Sinusoid Pty Ltd

Sonocord is an iOS app for producing audio sonograms from short audio tracks. Sonocord can also record audio tracks and edit them. 

  • Produce an audio sonogram of tracks up to 10 seconds in length
  • Record new tracks, including a 2 second pre-record arm feature 
  • Import short audio tracks to be displayed as a sonogram
  • Storage of multiple tracks for sonogram display, playing and editing.
  • Simple edit of both recorded and imported audio tracks by trimming tracks.
  • Play both recorded and imported audio tracks
  • Where location services are available, the location is stored with the recording and can be displayed on a map view within the app.
  • Audio frequency range of 0-20kHz
  • Sonograms can be archived as images including all data available for the recording